Fire Emergency Plan

The aim of this plan is to ensure that in the event of fire, everyone is sufficiently familiar with the action they should take to ensure that the Old Windsor Memorial Hall can be safely evacuated.

This plan is also available in PDF


Section 1: Premises Information

Site Name:

  • Old Windsor Memorial Hall

Address of the premises with respect to which this Fire Emergency Plan relates:

  • Straight Road, Old Windsor, Berkshire SL4 2RN

Occupier of the premises:

  • Old Windsor Memorial Hall Management Committee & the Hirers (regular and occasional)

  • Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead Library Services

The use or uses of the premises covered by the Fire Emergency Plan:

  • Events

  • Meetings

  • Activities

  • Library

  • Social gatherings

Fire warning/suppression arrangements:

  • Is there an Alarm System fitted? Yes - Automated

  • Audible type of sound: Warbling Siren

  • Links to /Fire Brigade: No

  • Emergency lighting: Yes

  • Fire suppression: No

The number of people likely to be present (staff, public etc.) and their location:

  • Up to 200 members of the public are likely to be present throughout the building.

  • A small number of other third parties such as building contractors (occasional) are likely to be found in the building.

Persons who are especially at risk:

  • Elderly and infirm

  • Physical (wheelchair / frame / walking aids) impaired

  • Sensory (sight, hearing) impaired

  • Learning disabilities

  • Children

  • Alcohol intoxicated adults

Is there normally someone onsite who is especially at risk?

  • Yes - Personal emergency evacuation plan for disabled people / those with special requirements will be conducted for individuals by hirers.

Ability of people present to escape without assistance:

  • Any person deemed to be at risk of unaided escape will be covered by a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan provided by hirers.

Are the means of escape facilities provided within the building considered sufficient for all persons present to evacuate the premises within three minutes without assistance:

  • Yes

Presence of outside contractors, visitors:

  • All contractors and visitors shall be briefed on the fire arrangement by their host.

Who is responsible for ensuring they are evacuated:

For hall, committee room and all stores one of the following:

  • Person in charge of hall hire

  • User group lead member

  • Member of OWMH Management Committee

  • Lettings Administrator

For Library

  • Librarian

Specific arrangements, if necessary, for high fire risk areas of the building:

  • Kitchen

  • Boiler room

  • Lobby Loft

  • Organ Store

Section 2: Roles and Responsibilities

Nominated Fire Coordinator duties and roles:

  • Old Windsor Memorial Hall Management Committee are responsible for Fire Safety.

Responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring fire emergency plan is maintained.

  • Ensuring alarms are tested and records maintained.

  • Ensuring records are maintained.

  • Ensure fire wardens are aware of their duties (see below).

  • Report fires and carry out an investigation.

  • Conduct regular fire safety inspections of the building

Nominated Fire Wardens duties and roles:

  • Hall hirer or their nominated representative present on site at the time of the booking.

Responsibilities include:

  • Making sure the Fire Brigade is called in all instances of fire and smoke.

  • Clearing their designated area of all personnel.

  • Reporting to the Chief Fire Officer upon the Fire Brigade arrival at the fire assembly point.

  • Informing the Chief Fire Officer if the hall is clear

  • Be responsible for co-ordination in the event of a fire and implementation of this emergency plan

  • Report fires and occurrences of smoke to the Old Windsor Memorial Hall Management Committee

Section 3: Fire Procedure

If you discover a fire or smoke you must:

  • Raise the alarm by operating the nearest fire alarm call point.

  • Assist any personnel who need help.

  • If safe to do so and convenient then use a single fire extinguisher to fight the fire. USE ONLY 1 EXTINGUISHER - GET OUT IF THIS DOES NOT WORK.

  • Inform the Nominated Fire Warden (lead person in charge of the hall hire).

If you hear the fire alarm you must:

  • Assist any personnel who need help.

  • Leave the premises by the nearest available exit, closing all doors behind you.

  • Report to the assembly point at: The top of the car park (adjacent to the railings behind the traffic lights)

  • Do not stop to collect personal belongings

  • Do not shout or run - this may cause panic

Your responsibilities:

  • You must know how to find the escape routes provided

  • You must know how to operate the fire alarm

Section 4: Communications

The following personnel will be contacted in the event of a fire:

  • OWMH Lettings Administrator: 07523 242963

  • Matthew Bennett, Chairman: 07890 537034

Procedures for liaising with the Fire Brigade:

  • The Nominated Fire Warden will be responsible for ensuring the Fire Brigade have been called.

If the Fire Brigade are required, the Nominated Fire Warden shall provide the following information:

  • How many persons are still in the building, if any.

  • Any dangerous substances stored in the building that are likely to become involved.

  • Where the seat of the fire is thought to be located; and

  • The best route to get to trapped persons or the seat of the fire

Turning off services:

  • The Nominated Fire Coordinator is responsible for understanding how to turn services off to the building and coordinating this with those competent to do so.

Re-entering the building:

  • The Chief Fire Officer is the only person who can allow re-entry to the building.

  • The Nominated Fire Coordinator will be responsible for communicating the all clear when the Fire Brigade have undertaken their investigation in to any fire alarm.

Section 5: Reporting and Investigation


  • The Nominated Fire Coordinator is responsible for reporting the fire to the committee through the Old Windsor Memorial Hall Management Committee Meeting.


  • The Nominated Fire Coordinator is responsible for completing an investigation.

  • A copy of the form must be sent to the Old Windsor Memorial Hall Management Committee

Section 6: Fire Alarm Testing / Evacuation Practice

Fire alarms shall be tested as follows:

  • The OWMH Management Committee will be responsible for testing the fire alarm on a weekly basis and maintaining a record of the tests in a Log Book.

Fire evacuations shall be practised as follows:

  • The OWMH Management Committee is responsible for arranging a fire evacuation practice on an annual basis and recording it.