Pricing shown is for private individual bookings. For commercial and/or regular bookings please contact

All pricing is given in the following format

Hire Type (Unit):

Old Windsor Resident / Non Resident Rate

  • Main Hall (Per Hour):

£14.50 / £24.50

  • Fri/Sat/Sun Post 6pm (Per Evening):

£190 / £245

  • Committee Room (Per Hour):

£3.30 / £5.50

  • Bar (Per Session):

£10 / £10

  • Stage Lights (Per Session):

£15 / £15

  • Cleaning [subject to availability]* (Per session):

Ask for price

* Cleaning service is only available under the following circumstances:

  • for party bookings

  • only if the cleaners are available

  • there is a full hour available between your party end time and the next booking

  • NOTE: You will be charged for the extra hour booking in addition to the Cleaning charge.